CSV Artisan Walls

is a company that creates and installs custom-colored plaster and paint finishes. Among our peers, we offer very competitive pricing. We are licensed (CCL: 734786), bonded and insured. We are not an average plaster company. Almost every finish we do is original or an original mix modified by us. We pride ourselves on taking an ordinary material and doing something extraordinary with it!

Eco-Friendly Products and Green Work Practices

CSV Artisan Walls is committed to learning what changes we can make to have less of an impact on the environment. We are making small steps in how we conduct our business that have big effects. As we discover new products and methods that allow us to have less of an ecological impact we will continue to incorporate them into our way of doing business. By making better choices today, we determine the kind of future we want for this world.

Eco-Friendly products are manufactured in a sustainable way. By buying these products, we can support industries that can be profitable and environmentally sustainable. All the non-Green plasters we use are made of all natural ingredients: marble dust, lime, gypsum and clay.

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CSV Artisan Walls


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