Case Study 2 - Moore Foundation Offieces

Chris Stefano of CSV has been working with Shirley Munoz Henderson for many years. After a presentation of our new line of Eco Friendly plasters, we were asked to create some samples for the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. The challenge was to duplicate an effect done by CSV using Italian plasters in one of our new Green Finishes. The original sample had been created to match an aged, slightly rusted piece of metal.

We were able to match the sample, but also to modify the clay material we were using to make it durable and stronger but still staying “Green”. Porcellina is a very beautiful and flexible material capable of creating many effects. We were successful in our attempt to match rusty metal.

The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation is dedicated to advancing environmental conservation and cutting edge scientific research around the world, as well as helping improve the quality of life in the bay area.

They wanted finishes to reflect their mission statement. We used ZERO VOC, all green products that were sustainably manufactured to create our finishes. CSV installed plaster in the main entry as well as focus wall throughout the second floor of this LEED Project.

Our plaster installation is a strong accent to the striking contemporary interior.




Lobby Detail:


Architectural Detail:



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