Case Study 2 - Los Altos Hills Residence

CSV was originally asked to plaster the interior of a guest house to give a client some insight as to how Italian plaster would look in their main house. A lovely couple was building their dream home. It was a large Italian Villa with vineyards and large rooms. Initially the clients weren't that enthusiastic about Italian plaster. They couldn’t yet understand the difference between what CSV offered and conventional plaster. Conventional plaster was alread being used throughout the house.

After the guest house was complete the interior designer presented Chris Stefano with some bright red and gold colored Fall branches from their vineyard. These were the colors they wanted for the plaster in the main house. The red was so saturated the color had to be made in house from scratch. The resulting color was used in the wine cellar and waxed to deepen the color and contrast it with the matte walls.

Once the wine cellar was complete, the client could see the radical difference in the quality of color and effect that we offered as compared to conventional plasters. They then requested us to create more custom colors and finishes for select rooms throughout the house. In the end, they were quite enthusiastic about Italian plaster and expressed a real appreciation of the beauty they added to their home.


Wine Cellar:


Living Room:


Arch Detail:



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