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We offer a broad selection of original surface treatments for every type of architecture: interior, exterior, residential and commercial. Our one, two and three-color wall finishes come in matte, satin and gloss. Additionally, we create finishes to match existing plaster, stone, pre-cast cement and metallic effects.

Just ask us!

If we don’t have it, we can create an effect to fit both your vision and budget. We are happy to answer all questions that may arise throughout the process. From start to finish, we value being a resource for our clients.


This letter is my personal recommendation for working with Chris Stefano of CSV. Our professional work experience has been for almost 25 years. His talent shines throughout every project we have work on. His ability with color, texture with his artisan plaster product and to achieve what we want is amazing!

Besides being a joy to work with, Chris is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits. I highly recommend Chris for any artistic plaster application. He is a team player and would be a great asset to any project small or large.

Shirley Munoz-Henderson CID/IIDA Interior Designer


Every time Chris finishes another wall in my house he breathes new life into the room. As an artisan, he has honed his craft over many years - both in Italy and stateside - and he has an uncanny sixth sense of color awareness.

At the same time, Chris continues to evolve his techniques - not only with the goal of offering a wider range of finishes, but to meet a new standard of environmental responsibility without sacrificing aesthetics. On top of all that, he's a joy to work with!

Deborah Bishop Client San Francisco





































































Eco-Friendly Products-Green Finishes

Our original line of eco-friendly finishes provides our clients with a broader range of choices than you will find anywhere else. We have improved all of the eco-friendly products we use, making them more beautiful, durable, repairable while extending the range of effects.


This beautiful finish can be matte or gloss. It can have a single or multi-color effect. This is our most affordable finish.



means porcelain in Italian. A beautiful, smooth mottled plaster used to create finishes indistinguishable from fine Italian Plaster. It is available in satin or gloss. We have added ingredients to make Porcellana  have a variety of effects, and to be durable.


Eco Veneziano:

This amazing material is the only Italian plaster whose factory is certified with the international body as ISO 14001 for sustainable practices and ISO 9001/2000 for quality management practices.  We love it because it is beautiful , long lasting and durable.  Available in satin or gloss.



Using an eco-friendly product with a VOC of one, we have created three stone-like finishes that are highly durable: Travertine, Aged Concrete and Limestone. Available in Matte or Satin.


Adobe Rustica:

A rustic plaster that makes your new walls look timeless. Available in matte, satin or gloss.



A plaster that has Old World charm and a depth of both texture and color. Available in satin or gloss.


Italian Plasters:

Traditionally made with all natural ingredients: marble dust, clay, and lime, Italian plasters come in an incredible array of color and finish possibilities. From the whitest white to the darkest black, we can make these finishes do nearly anything. We only work with the finest materials and use proprietary methods to achieve traditional effects for less cost.


A beautiful rustic finish available in matte or satin. Add a wash for depth that is really amazing.



An astoundingly elegant and glass-smooth finish. Available in  satin, high gloss, single or two-color. It has a very clear effect with no visible aggregate.


Grassello Rustico:

A beautiful subtle texture that can be satin or gloss.



The classic italian Finish. The effect is smooth, mottled and it is available in matte, satin or gloss.


Conventional Plasters:

These are plaster effects are for clients who want plaster “that looks like plaster”. Old World, Rustic, and Perfectly Imperfect are all terms used to describe these durable materials. They absorb and reflect light beautifully.


Rustic yet refined. This finish can have subtle mottling or intense contrasts depending on the colors we use. Several different effects are possible which enable us to mimic a Terra Cotta or make a new wall look aged. It is available in matte, satin or gloss.



A beautiful subtly mottled plaster finish that is durable and comes in a wide variety of colors.  We can create several different effects using this mix. It is  available in matte or satin


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